Ted Fox Joyce is a practicing Artist, Photographer and Arts Educator. Ted has a long history within the Arts, and has studied at various levels; BA Hons in Fine Art and Photography, BA Hons in Graphic design, PGCE in Art and Design and MA in Art and Design in Education.
Ted's own Art practice is centered on and influenced by the environment and landscape in which he lives; the county of Kent, the Darenth Valley, the North Downs and other surrounding areas. In addition Ted is influenced by numerous Artists especially traditional British Landscape Artists such as Turner, Constable and especially, Samuel Palmer. Ted is also heavily influenced by texts based on the Landscape and he draws on verse by poets such as Ted Hughes; The Thought-Fox, The Hawk in the Rain and To Paint a Water Lily.
Ted uses Photography to document his own journey through the landscapes in which he lives; gathering and hoarding visual documentation about the land, its history and changing conditions due to weathering and human intervention.  
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