Ted Fox Joyce is a practicing Artist, Photographer and Arts Educator. Ted has a long history within the Arts, and has studied at various levels; BA Hons in Fine Art and Photography, BA Hons in Graphic design, PGCE in Art and Design an MA in Art and Design in Education and he recently completed an MA in Fine Art with OCA.
Ted's own Art practice is centred on and influenced by the environment and landscape in which he lives; the county of Kent, the Darenth Valley, the North Downs and other surrounding areas.
Current practice is centred on aspects of the environment and ecology, and a deep understanding of the importance of looking, observing and reflecting on natural phenomena in order that we develop a closer bond with the matter and the  spaces in which we coexist with other natural matter.
Goethe and his interest in the morphology of plants, and his exploration of the imagination and spaces of intuition are of great importance in developing a research based practice that is seeking to find the spaces that exist at the liminal edges between the real and the imagined; spaces that ask questions of temporal states of being...
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