It has been a while since my last blog which was back in September 2022 when I completed my MA course. I feel ready to embark on developing some new work... I am still very much fascinated by Goethe and his notion of Plant Morphology and his archetypal plant, the Urpflanze... the notion that 'something', a part of a plant, has the potential to become all other living plants...
Using Goethe's notion of intuition, imagination and reflection on observation, I have been using some earlier photographs I made of a tree I see when out running. Digital photographs that I then converted to analogue prints in the darkroom and then these analogue prints were manipulated further through the destructive qualities of the Mordancage process, in which matter becomes distorted and redefined to create 'other'...
I have then been using Adobe Photoshop in order to develop a new structure or growth out of this old work; a sort of metamorphosis where the threshold of liminality is met and breached to create 'other'.
“… the pulse of expansion and contraction according to which organic life swells and declines.” (Wellman, 2017:111)
“Metamorphosis thus is the transformation of something that is already given. In the process, the given loses its borders, hesitates on the threshold of the other, of becoming, of an existence beyond its own frontiers. This liminality is at the heart of metamorphosis, which transforms gods, humans, and nature into different beings, animate or inanimate.” (Wellman, 2017:121)
Wellmann Janina (2017) The Form of Becoming. Embryology and the Epistemology of Rhythm. 1760-1830. New York: Zone Books
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