Gall Wasp
Hybrid forms is an ongoing project based on research into the biodiversity of trees and especially the oak tree and the relationship that they have with the tiny insect called a, gall wasp. I am fascinated by these tiny insects and how they are able to manipulate the DNA of the trees fruits, the acorns, and trick them in to developing a unique incubation chamber for the insect's off spring. It is a remarkable yet cunning act of life and survival, that plays out year on year with little or no affect to the host.
The transformation of nature is a fragile defining of boundaries between what exists and what does not yet exist, between the past and a projected future, between reliable reproduction and random variation.” (Wellman, 2017:132-33)
Wellmann Janina (2017) The Form of Becoming. Embryology and the Epistemology of Rhythm. 1760-1830. New York: Zone Books
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