Focal Xpander-1
Focal Xpander-1 is a developing project which explores ways in which to view my animations and films. This project seeks to ask questions about space and place and how one might be transported from one space/place to another through engagement with the Focal Xpander-1. The project came about through the way in which I view my on going and developing animations/films; the intimacy of observation and reflection. It is also linked to research work I have made into the spatial agency, Haus-Rucker-Co, a Viennese group founded in 1967 by Laurids Ortner, Günther Zamp Kelp and Klaus Pinter, later joined by Manfred Ortner. In my research I have been particularly inspired by their, Mind Expander, series of works and especially the piece, Flyhead.
Concept work/Experimentation
I have been considering ways in which to make a 'viewing space/place' which offers the intimacy which I feel when viewing my work via my iphone X. I want to develop something that maintains focus and transports the viewer from outside to inside; to feel, to experience in a more intense way.
I bought a hollow polystyrene sphere; an appropriate form to help model and mould a basic 'helmet' form.
I made up some paper pulp; newspaper soaked in boiling water and then pulverised to form a smooth paper paste. The pulp was drained off and then strong PVA glue was mixed with the pulp to form a sticky mouldable paste which was then carefully layered into the polystyrene sphere mould. This is then left to dry out for several days until rock solid.
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