I have recently been considering a previous piece of work and how to rework and render aspects of this three-dimensionally using Blender and Adobe After Effects. I have been playing about with creating spheres in blender and then manipulating the surface structure using nodes to create a three-dimensional organic surface that moves and shifts in time. The final mesh or form is wrapped with one of my earlier mordancage analogue photographic prints.
'... there are billions of microscopic organisms thriving underground in the dark, oxygen-free communities. They multiply and even evolve so that they can more readily digest the trash at their disposal.'
The Meadow Lands - p96 - Robert Sullivan - 1999

Object Trouve
Found on a country walk... the beauty in a decaying broad-leaved dock leaf - obtusifolius

Objet Trouve
Galls found under an oak tree on my run today... this particular tree seems to be dropping so many more galls than usual this year and there are so many more with two or even three galls developing from one acorn... nature in a state of transformation... in the liminal space between here and 'other'... 

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